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Can not be denied that last year in the Game7 3rd Period 4 - 1 ahead of the Bruins's young team to the whole city brings hope. But we also can't deny that, first of all, now Leafs is really too young too inexperienced; secondly, obviously, Boston is a very outstanding champions, the result of the game 5 - 4 is to prove this point. This season, 6000 4 millions of Kessel contract in 8 years Toronto also proved this year's determination (although personally think that 8 years contract may be some adventure). Prior to the start of the season in Toronto doubt sound constantly, a large part of the sound is last year's Short season is the main reason why Toronto can into the Playoff, of course this puzzle in a period of time before the Leafs record is less and less. This young team at the beginning of the season hit Conference second (of course Leafs drop chain thing is not what happens, it fell to the Conference sixth plus the next series of powerful opponents will make all the fans heartbeat), over Pittsburgh, Canadiens, red wings is now ranked higher than their own the team, then followed by the first of all injuries.Lupul has hurt this has no ground for blame, when Bolland came to Toronto all regarded him as a hero and Saviour now hurt so look on his evaluation of the city more and more downhill.Colton Orr.. In an important... Toronto PK Unit is also a good the thugs, his absence of Toronto is undoubtedly a bad news.

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And then there are the Tyler Bozak, about three games before returning it seems to hurt, may be a game against Dallas yesterday, that I go to the game without seeing it, then watch the news to see him hurt also very sad the Bozak Kessel JVR. After all this beautiful 1st line this season we will basically not seen two, has been Kadri and JVR and Kessel, personal Has always been not so like Kadri, think he did so two under stick handling, but definitely not the top ten, then it is the game sometimes confidence or overactive imagination led directly to many times of give away.

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Then it Kessel very good ah, especially this season, perhaps because the pocket of 64 millions on the bar, anyway this season, 29 games at 117 SOG, 15 goals and 12 assists with 5 Powerplay goal 3 game winning goal, this data is very dazzling. JVR light can not be ignored, only see every game fans to be able to feel the JVR team to attack the organization and the role of the.12 goals and 10 assists is also very beautiful data, less than Kessel because he played two matches The two sides of body and eye contact, a "fight" consensus, while the back, for both sides to make room; next, fight both lose unnecessary equipment, such as losing metal clubs (not allowed to use the cue, or will be subject to Yan Cheng), take off the hat and gloves, and having blessed posture; at last officially at war, both sides, to resolve the fighting with fists, both parts with fists hitting each other's face, nose, mouth etc.

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Washington, November 5, 2013, Obama invited the NHL champion Chicago Blackhawks at the White House in November 4th, Obama (middle) and the Blackhawks member group photo at the welcoming ceremony. On the same day, America President Obama met at the White House with the NHL last season (the North American Hockey League champion Chicago Blackhawks occupation). In order to express thanks, Blackhawks will a T-shirt with the name Obama the number 13 shirt for his!